From Reno:

Take the 580 South

Exit Geiger Grade Road heading towards historic “Virginia City”
Note: They also call the Geiger Grade Road the Hwy 341

You will be driving on a mountain road with many turns until you get up to Virginia City proper.

Proceed through the town and continue on that main street until you pass the “divide” which is a short portion of twisty road.  The Gold Hill Hotel is only a short mile from Virginia City proper.  Continue a short distance down the hill from “the divide” and the hotel is on your right hand side.  You can’t miss it!

From Carson City:

Take Hwy 50 east towards the small town of “Mound House.”

You will see the sign for “Virginia City” turn off just ahead.

Make a left on to Hwy 341 which will lead you up to the hotel.

It is actually a pretty short distance up the hill, maybe 5 miles.

You will see the Gold Hill Hotel on your left hand side.  Welcome!