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We are pleased to continue our 2024 Gold Hill Lecture Series! (LIMITED DINNER RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE)

Thursday, April 4th The Gold Hill Hotel Presents: Joe Curtis and Ron Gallagher as they discuss “Crime on the Comstock”!

Dinner starts at 4:30 p.m. and lecture starts at 7:00 p.m.

Lecture Description: In their folksy, often humorous, yet always truthful way, the Relic (Ron) and the other old guy (Joe; aka C.L. Yearzago) will examine Crime on the Comstock and it’s Associated Activities.  Ron has assured us that this review, which should take no more than three to four hours (spoof) will look at the kinds of crime, some actual cases and interesting cases that may span the significant period from the 1860s and maybe some stuff clear into the 1980s (that’s history from 45 years ago).

—C.L. Yearzago (150 years ago)

Joe Curtis: Joe’s parents moved to VC in 1958 when they bought a building and opened a museum dedicated to the history of life on the Comstock.  He grew up amidst the museum and became infatuated with the history of the Comstock and began collecting old photos of the area back in the day.

Ron Gallagher:  local aged artifact of the Comstock.  Raised here, lots of relatives dating well into the lower 1800’s and a head full of Comstock knowledge, recollections. stories and other associated Comstock BS.

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