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We are pleased to continue our 2018 Lecture Series with the Comstock Foundation for History and Culture!

Thursday, July 5th lecture will be Tony Argento with: “Tuned Up and Twisted Cowboy Poetry at it’s Best”

Dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. and lecture starts at 7:00 p.m.

Lecture Description:

Tony calls his style o’ recitin’; ‘TUNED UP & TWISTED.” Once you see him perform, you’ll know why.

Tony is a nationally recognized Cowboy Poet.  “COWBOY POETRY” has been ‘round since the years followin’ the Civil War. It’s unique form continues to show the Cowboy an’ the American West is alive with stories o’ elevated humor, PATRIOTISM, serious an’ solemn verse.  It’s a GREAT source o’ entertainment for the entire family.

Bio of Lecturer:

Tony is a nationally recognized Cowboy Poet.  He was introduced to “COWBOY POETRY” from his Granddad. From that point forward, he began recitin’ ‘at age .

The “Kamikaze Cow” poetry/song/story contest an’ the “Overall Audience Entertainment Value” competition; (voted upon by the audience).

An’ featured Cowboy Poet of the 2013 “National Day O’ The Cowboy” celebration at the Kenniwick, Washington “Cowboy Gatherin’” on the Columbia River.

Please see the sign up form below to make reservations for this exciting lecture!  This lecture might very well sell out!

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