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** This lecture is sold out!  Next lecture on April 2nd **

Lecture Series Begins – Thursday, March 5th with Mr. Erastus P. Stinkwater’s “Wait, What? There were Mines on the Comstock?”

We are pleased to start the new 2020 Lecture Series with the Comstock Foundation for History and Culture!

Dinner starts at 5:00 p.m. and lecture starts at 7:00 p.m.


Prof. Erastus P. Stinkwater (Joe Curtis) and the Virginia City Relic (Ron Gallagher) will once again stun and amaze the audience. This is not a lecture. It is a general discussion amongst all those in attendance regarding the subject at hand.

Photos and narrative specifically of all the old Mine buildings and structures, their locations on the Comstock, their magnitude, output, construction and interesting facts and photos of the mining buildings. Include some photos of the various Mills along the Carson River that supported the Comstock’s mines.

There will also be discussion/information on how the local mine superintendents in VC conversed in code words with their owners in San Francisco or other parts of the country.  No business transactions went over the telegraph in plain text.  That’s how they manipulated their stock.

There will be no dancing during the presentation, however the VC Relic may sing a short song for their listening pleasure! Professor Stinkwater will conduct an amazing and awe inspiring process to transfer all the information on the subject from his brain into the waiting brains of the audience as others need to help keep all this information straight for the future.

Bio: Joe Curtis

Joe’s family moved to VC in 1958.  They bought a building and opened a museum dedicated to the history of life on the Comstock.  He grew up amidst the museum and became infatuated with the history of the Comstock and began collecting old photos of the area back in the day.

Bio: Ron Gallagher

Ron is a well know local aged artifact of the Comstock.  Raised here, lots of relatives dating well into the lower 1800’s and a head full of Comstock knowledge, recollections. stories and other associated Comstock BS.

Lecture starts at 7:00 p.m. and costs $5 per person.

Come early and enjoy dinner before the lecture! We Serve dinner before the lecture at 5, 5:30, & 6 p.m.

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