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Enjoy a wonderful dinner at the Crown Point restaurant at the Gold Hill Hotel at 7 p.m. and then take a ghostly ghost tour of the haunted rooms at the Gold Hill Hotel at 8 p.m.  $40 for both dinner and the tour!  Tours run by the pros at “Bat’s in the Belfry” ghost tours in Virginia City!  Please call 775-815-1050 to sign up for the dinner and tour.

This ghost tour features some of the most haunted rooms at the Gold Hill Hotel, as featured twice in the “Ghost Hunters” TV program.

Here are some reviews of some people that have been on the “Bat’s in the Belfry” ghost tours.  This is what people say about the tour:

Lots of fun tour guides interesting

We went to Virginia City over Halloween to look for ghosts.  Did both the ghost hunt and paranormal investigation. The crew was fun and knowledgeable. We visited several spots on the hunt and two locations on the investigation. I would say this is a must do even if you are a skeptic there is no judgment either way with this group. Since you are trying to locate and communicate with those who have passed little ones are not a good idea but adult adventure all the way. Thanks for the good time.

Fun & Interesting

This tour was quite fun & quite interesting, so much so it seemed like it was over in a flash.

Due to brutally cold weather, complete with accompanying nasty winds, we didn’t get to do much outside, but that may have actually worked in our favor because in lieu of that we got to do a lot of work upstairs in the Silver Queen with a bonus of doing an extensive flashlight tour of the upper floors in the Washoe Club.

The tour folks provide a select # of electronic instruments for you to help look for electronic abnormalities so if you’re lucky enough to get one it’s really cool! They also had a K2 meter which they operated & it did go off a few times during our walking around.   Some tour patrons had their own electronic ghost detecting gear, which the use of was fully supported by the tour folks.

I highly recommend this tour for the price it was well worth the hour or so of our time. Would do it again (hopefully in the summer next time).

The ghost tour was fantastic. Parts of Virginia City that I never knew existed!

We hired Debbie and her crew for our annual Victorian Steampunk Ball in Virginia City. Our group was almost 50 people strong so we had two groups for the tour. The information and history was fantastic. Loved the fact that the tour participants get to carry EMF detectors. We even got to meet Cassandra the girl ghost. She set off our devices. Highly recommend this tour and our group seconds that opinion. Thank you so much Debbie. Don’t miss this one.


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