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Even though Nevada is known as “The Silver State”, gold mining is the dominant mineral commodity produced in the state today. In 2015 Nevada produced 5.34 million ounces of gold valued at $6.19 billion. This accounted for 83% of the U.S. production and 5.5% of the world production. Only China, Australia, and Russia produced more gold in 2015 than the state of Nevada. Where did all this gold come from? Why did the prospectors heading to the California Goldrush travel right past it? This lecture will answer those questions and more as we dig deep into the goldfields of Nevada.

Lecture is $5.  Come for dinner and the lecture!  We are currently accepting reservations for 5 p.m., 5:30, 5:45, and 6 p.m.  Please email Pat with your name and time of reservation and then number in your party: pat@goldhillhotel.net